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Bringing You Dignity, Strength and Hope.

Our heart is to create an atmosphere of calm, comfort, respect and assurance that leads to peace of mind. It is our privilege to walk this path with you. Our highly skilled staff will provide the highest possible quality of compassionate care. We will also include family in the process, offering valuable information and education, guidance and – most of all – support. Oasis Hospice affirms the sacredness of life, and is committed to providing the very best physical, spiritual, emotional and practical care for patients in the last stages of a life-limiting illness.

Elderly Couple Contract


I am a resident care director at Valiente Senior Living and memory care and I’m very picky when it comes to our resident's care and Maria Louisa Reyes the Aide goes above and beyond and I couldn’t be more pleased with her care.

We are so grateful to Oasis hospice for all they did for our loved one. Lynne, Kelley, Maria, and Monique acted with compassion in all things and made sure her last days were full of joy and laughter. Thank you for being a part of our Village 💜 -The McRae’s

"These people are all so wonderful!! They have been there for the whole family through ups and downs. I cannot imagine a more caring, attentive group of individuals!! Highly recommend them."

"I want to thank Oasis for their wonderful caring for my mother. I’d especially like to thank Maria and Vanessa. I will always remember her time with Oasis. I would recommend Oasis to anyone with an elderly parent or family member."



Routine Home Care

Routine Home Care is the most common level of care received by patients. Oasis Hospice can provide Routine Home Care in any setting the patient calls home.

Routine Health Care

Continuous Care

Oasis Hospice provides Continuous Care in the patient’s home in a time of acute patient crisis. Examples include uncontrolled pain, anxiety or nausea and vomiting. During Continuous Care, a nurse will be present with the patient until symptoms are under control.


Short Term In-Patient

Some patients have symptoms so severe they need treatment in an in-patient setting. During GIP, patients receive medical management by the Oasis Hospice team as well as hospital staff.


Respite Care

Respite Care services are more for the family than the patient. Respite Care provides a time of family relief from the day to day care of the patient. This is a short term benefit that can be arranged by the Oasis Hospice team.


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